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Trixbox 2.8, Rhino T1 card, E&M Wink, and a Legacy PBX

Setting up a VoIP server using trixbox is very easy! Bringing a T1 into your trixbox is not so easy. Bringing an old-style E&M wink T1 into your trixbox is darned difficult! Here’s an overview of the process: Before you get started, install trixbox, set up a few SIP extensions (use softphones if you don’t…
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CentOS and the Asus M3A78-CM Gigabit Ethernet Controller

If you’re installing CentOS 5.2 or similar on an Asus M3A78-CM motherboard, make sure you grab the M3A76 Linux driver package Asus provides here in the section labeled “Others”. On a clean install, CentOS loads a Realtek driver which appears to work. The eth0 interface shows up, but if you’re using DHCP it fails to…
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Oops, I Broke the Kernel – Uninstalling Xen Virtualization on CentOS

Uninstalling the Xen Virtualization package on CentOS can lead to an unexpected result. If no non-virtualized kernel was selected when the system was originally installed, you may be unable to boot! To fix this, you need to install a kernel from the CentOS media: Boot from the CentOS DVD At the prompt type “linux rescue”…
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