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Try Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 / Office 2013 – FREE 10 User Evaluation

Microsoft’s Cloud offerings are a true game-changer! Try the complete Microsoft Office suite free for 30 days: Office 365, Sharepoint, and SkyDrive Pro 10 User Evaluation / Free Trial If you are ready to purchase, you can select from the following ready-to-go packages: All packages include hosted Exchange email, Sharepoint collaboration, Web App versions of…
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Free Tools to Manage Your Business

One of the biggest challenges running a business is figuring out how to stay organized, and deciding what software packages are best for staying on top of the multitude of details we deal with every day. In years past, getting effective organizational tools to manage activities, communication, and collaboration required spending a great deal of…
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Three Tools for Building Self-Managed Teams

Traditional management philosophies take a top-down approach to organizational structure. Staff and management are separated into layers, arranged into a heirarchy, and lines of supervisory authority and responsibility are written on an organization chart. In today’s world, this model just doesn’t work. The best-run and most profitable businesses in the modern era have the flattest…
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Open Source Tools for Small Business

General Ledger and Bookkeeping: GnuCash Project Management: Open Workbench Email: Mozilla Thunderbird Customer Relationship Management: SugarCRM File, Intranet and Extranet Servers: CentOS 5.3

Trixbox 2.8, Rhino T1 card, E&M Wink, and a Legacy PBX

Setting up a VoIP server using trixbox is very easy! Bringing a T1 into your trixbox is not so easy. Bringing an old-style E&M wink T1 into your trixbox is darned difficult! Here’s an overview of the process: Before you get started, install trixbox, set up a few SIP extensions (use softphones if you don’t…
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CentOS and the Asus M3A78-CM Gigabit Ethernet Controller

If you’re installing CentOS 5.2 or similar on an Asus M3A78-CM motherboard, make sure you grab the M3A76 Linux driver package Asus provides here in the section labeled “Others”. On a clean install, CentOS loads a Realtek driver which appears to work. The eth0 interface shows up, but if you’re using DHCP it fails to…
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Oops, I Broke the Kernel – Uninstalling Xen Virtualization on CentOS

Uninstalling the Xen Virtualization package on CentOS can lead to an unexpected result. If no non-virtualized kernel was selected when the system was originally installed, you may be unable to boot! To fix this, you need to install a kernel from the CentOS media: Boot from the CentOS DVD At the prompt type “linux rescue”…
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For Financial Advisors, Finding the Right Partner is Key in Tough Times

By all accounts, 2009 looks like it will be a tough year. A slowing economy and uncertain outlook leave consumers reluctant to spend money and agents face a tougher market than we’ve seen in years. Surviving and thriving in tough times is possible, and easier than it seems! The key for agents and agencies of…
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