Technologies We Use

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Financial Services Technology

  • Business process engineering and robotic process automation for financial services firms
    • Billing, trade order management, reconciliation and trade affirmation
    • Custodial data extracts and transformation, and integration
    • CRM
  • Custom Dashboards, KPIs, and more for financial services firms

General Technology

  • Advanced Excel workbooks that integrate data from SQL Server and other sources, VBA automation of repetitive tasks
  • Groovy / Grails, Java, PHP, Python
  • T-SQL ETL, stored procedures, views, SQL Server, .NET CLR stored procedures, MySQL
  • Data analytics in Python
  • Web Application Development with Spring, Grails, Bootstrap, and more
  • Linux platform, Apache / PHP / MySQL, Tomcat
  • High volume marketing email systems (1m+ daily deliveries) and custom Postfix systems
  • CRM development, integration, and customization
  • Amazon EC2 and Microsoft Azure