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Welcome to the Collaboration Economy

Go beyond listening to your customers—collaborate with them. In a collaboration economy, 54% of the most successful businesses work openly with their customers.

Three Tools for Building Self-Managed Teams

Traditional management philosophies take a top-down approach to organizational structure. Staff and management are separated into layers, arranged into a heirarchy, and lines of supervisory authority and responsibility are written on an organization chart. In today’s world, this model just doesn’t work. The best-run and most profitable businesses in the modern era have the flattest…
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For Financial Advisors, Finding the Right Partner is Key in Tough Times

By all accounts, 2009 looks like it will be a tough year. A slowing economy and uncertain outlook leave consumers reluctant to spend money and agents face a tougher market than we’ve seen in years. Surviving and thriving in tough times is possible, and easier than it seems! The key for agents and agencies of…
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