Keep your cloud data storage safe from prying eyes with OwnCloud

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Keep your cloud data storage safe from prying eyes with OwnCloud

Cloud data storage is incredibly convenient, yet it comes with significant risks. Systems like Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, DropBox, and can make your critical business documents and data accessible from anywhere, but they also expose it to potential breaches due to security vulnerabilities and hackers, user issues like logging in from a public computer, or snooping by various governments.

Fortunately, a new open-source software package can provide businesses with the advantages of storing and sharing files in the cloud, combined with the protections that come with providing these services on privately controlled servers.

OwnCloud Community Edition is available for Windows and Linux servers running a standard Apache / PHP / MySQL stack. The software features desktop sync clients for Windows, Linux, and Mac, and a beautiful web interface that makes storing and sharing data simple in a secure private cloud. Advanced features include integration with existing LDAP systems for authentication, the ability to directly access file stores using the WebDAV protocol if desired, and direct disk access to stored files on the server which makes backups and disaster recovery a breeze. Availability of the source code makes customization and integrated solutions possible.

Small and midsize businesses who are considering cloud data storage should evaluate the benefits of using a private cloud data storage solution based on the OwnCloud platform.

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